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Moving to Chicago? Discover the best Chicago Neighborhoods and find out why so many others enjoy living in the windy city.
Moving to Chicago is a wonderful decision and is here to help you get acquainted with the city and the people. Newborhood is the social networking site for people that are moving to the Chicago area or relocating to a new neighborhood in Chicago. Being new to a big strange city can cause plenty of stress and anxiety, but it doesn't have to. Newborhood is here to put you into contact with other people in the same situation. Meet others that are also in the process of relocating to Chicago. Read Chicago neighborhood reviews and find the perfect Chicago neighborhood to call home. Talk with others that have already gone through the moving process and get first-hand tips and advice from them. Find a roommate that is moving to Chicago around the same time and make plans to live together and share costs. If you're already living in Chicago and wondering what to do next, start networking with other newcomers, make new friends, get out of the house, and explore all the many things this amazing city has to offer.

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Moving to Chicago, IL is an amazing idea!
In 1871, one of the fastest growing cities in America experienced an enormous catastrophe, a massive fire that burned down nearly half the city and demolished the entire business district. The city rebuilt quickly, and began the greatest boom in United States history. Skyscrapers rose, neighborhoods diversified, and the population steadily grew. That city is Chicago, and it is better known by its proud people as Chi-Town, the Windy City, and the City That Works.

Living in Chicago is an opportunity to live in a city that contains the best of what America has to offer. The Windy City can be described as an east coast city with a mid-western attitude. It boasts the stunning architecture and metropolitan scale of New York City with the down to earth mentality of the Great Lakes area. From a bird's eye view Chicago is a steel giant, but zoom to street level and you'll find plenty of small-town charm within the many bustling Chicago neighborhoods.

Great food, distinct neighborhoods, endless entertainment and recreation possibilities are but a few of the reasons that have many people moving to Chicago every year.

Chicago Neighborhoods
Chicago has always been famous for its many vibrant neighborhoods. Downtown Chicago, known as The Loop, boasts a skyline that includes the famous Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) and the John Hancock Center. The North Side contains the Lincoln Park neighborhood, which sits along Lake Michigan and is home to many picturesque jogging trails and the excellent Lincoln Park Zoo. Wrigleyville is home to one of baseball's oldest teams, the Chicago Cubs, and the iconic Wrigley Field (complete with adjacent brick townhouses featuring rooftop bleachers).

Nearly every major U.S. City has its own Chinatown, but Chicago is home to many ethnic neighborhoods, including Greektown, Little Italy, Little Seoul, La Villita (a Mexican neighborhood) and Paseo Boricua (the Puerto Rican village). Along with all of these enclaves are the seemingly endless selections of amazing food, which might be the best reason for moving to Chicago.

A Foodie's Paradise
What happens when you take a flaky pie crust, load it with cheese and sausage, bake it in a wood-fired oven and top it off with a chunky tomato sauce? You get deep-dish pizza, one of Chicago's most famous concoctions, and a must-try for anybody moving to Chicago. The city also has its own spin on another American favorite, the hot dog. The Windy City style involves a Vienna beef dog smothered in relish, onions, tomatoes, a pickle and a sprinkling of celery salt. And don’t even think about asking for ketchup.

Entertaining The Masses
Sports fans moving to Chicago will be happy to know that the city has teams for all four major sports. For fans of comedy, The Second City is a comedy club that has produced some of the funniest people in the country, including John Candy, Chris Farley and Steve Carrell. For those interested in the arts, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Michigan Avenue has been in operation since 1904. Music in Chicago spreads beyond Classical, with many clubs featuring jazz, blues, country and soul.

Activities For Every Season
Those moving to Chicago won't run out of things to do. In the summer months, the city's thirty plus beaches offer lazy afternoons in the sun, and water sports abound for the adventurous types. The Navy Pier is one of Chicago's greatest attractions, featuring the iconic massive Ferris wheel. The Museum Campus is home to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium, and both are perfect places to revisit with friends or family.

In the cold season, ice skating in Millennium Park helps residents forget just how cold it really is, and many of the city museums offer free days during January and February. Around the holidays, the city is decorated with colorful light displays and elaborate decorations. Exploring the many restaurants is an excellent way to escape the cold.

A New Home In The Windy City
Perhaps the best thing about moving to Chicago is how welcoming the people are. There is a feeling of friendliness on every street, and the flavor of the neighborhoods gives the impression that Chicago is a network of many small towns. The culture, diversity, and endless activities give something fresh to all Chi-Town residents, both new and old.

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